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Elliott Compressors
Elliott Compressors
60M5 Horizontally Split Mixed Refrigerant Compressor 21A13-6 Axial Compressor for FCC Air Service

With thousands of compressors in service around the world, Elliott is a leader in gas compression, delivering state-of-the-art performance in a diverse range of industries including petroleum refining, petrochemical processing, cryogenic refrigeration (LNG), oil and gas production, gas compression and other industrial processes.


Elliott’s position on the cutting edge of compressor technology includes a number of engineering firsts. We pioneered high-pressure casing technology, the development of fabricated casings and improved impeller welding techniques. Elliott was among the first to utilize magnetic bearings in critical service centrifugal compressors and the first to complete an oil-less steam turbine-driven compressor string.  


Today Elliott compressors incorporate proprietary EDGE technology with advances in aerodynamics, rotor dynamics, computerized equipment selection, process simulation, and metallurgy, as well as totally engineered oil consoles that supply lubrication, control and seal oil to the rotating equipment. We understand that change is essential in achieving and maintaining a competitive edge, and together with our customers and suppliers,we continue to innovate, improve and expand our extensive portfolio of products and services.


Elliott’s full line of centrifugal and axial compressors are available in a wide range of configurations to meet mechanical considerations and process demands. Common configurations include straight-through flow, double flow, side streams, iso-cooling, and back-to-back.


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Ethylene Cracked Gas Compressor Train