Elliott Lubrication, Seal & Piping Systems

Extend Equipment Life with Proper Lubrication

Elliott Packaging Solutions is a global leader in the design, manufacture and packaging of lubrication, sealing, fuel and piping systems for all types of rotating equipment. Our dedicated team of designers and experienced fabricators, welders and service personnel produce and install packaged systems custom-engineered to meet customers' precise needs. Piping assemblies and spool pieces are fabricated in our ISO 9001 certified, state-of-the-art facility in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania, USA. We routinely deliver packaged systems such as gas turbine fuel forwarding manifold assemblies, integrated lube and seal oil systems, dry gas seal and buffer gas seal packages and steam turbine generator sets. We also provide accessory skids for water wash, fire suppression, de-NOx and water injection.

Packaging Applications


• Lube Oil • Flowrates: 2 gpm - 900 gpm
• Seal Oil • Pressures: 5psi - 4350 psi
• Control Oil • Piping Diameters: 1/2 inch - 42 inches
• Fuel Gas & Fuel Oil Manifolds • Pipe Bending up to 6 inches @ 3 X diameter
• Purge Air Systems • Hydrostatic Pressure Testing up to 6000 psi
• Dry Gas & Buffer Gas Seals • API 614 Performance Testing up to 1000 gpm
• Accumulators & Draining Packages  
• Interconnecting Process Piping  
• Turbine Generator Sets  


Pre-Engineered Solutions

Elliott offers the industry's largest set of standard, pre-engineered API 614 Special purpose (Chapter 2) systems. With flow rates from 9 gpm to 330 gpm, these designs are durable and optimized for compactness. They can be adapted to meet your application needs with minimal engineering, and a wide range of options and accessories are available.