The Benefits

  • Optimizes system pressure and flow
  • Meets strict emissions standards and regulations
  • Delivers high efficiencies
  • Offers standard footprint with custom aerodynamics
  • Adjusts operation to match load requirements
  • Designed for long-life continuous operation
  • Reduces maintenance costs

140TCH Pipeline Compressor

Natural gas is abundant, inexpensive, and the cleanest burning fossil fuel. Compressors are an essential part of the natural gas pipeline network—and Elliott’s 140TCH Pipeline Compressor is designed specifically for the pipeline transmission market.


This recently introduced compressor configuration is a gearless, low-emissions motor-driven unit specifically designed with Elliott’s proven expertise to power long-distance gas transmission. It comes with a direct-coupled high speed induction motor powered by a variable frequency drive (VFD) and a standard footprint with custom aerodynamics for optimum efficiency, as well as an extended operating time between scheduled overhauls. A standard gear-driven solution is also available.


The gearless configuration provides several advantages including a smaller footprint, reduced lube oil requirements, and higher net efficiency. The high-speed VFD-powered motor significantly reduces CO2 and NOx emissions as compared to a gas turbine driver.



Other features:

  • High-efficiency axial inlet
  • Single or dual impellers (application dependent)
  • High-speed induction motor with VFD
  • Standard gear-driven solution also available
  • Single-lift skid including auxiliaries
  • Easy access to compressor internals for maintenance


Technical Specifications

The Pipeline Compressor is available to cover the power range from 10 to 35 MW, and the aerodynamic flow path is customized to meet application-specific requirements.


Elliott offers proven expertise in rotating equipment as well as an unwavering commitment to providing innovative solutions that optimize equipment performance, increase safety, lower maintenance costs, and contribute to global sustainability.


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