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Practical Design Processes
How PTC-10 Has Evolved
Compressor Optimisation in the Age of Decarbonisation
A Marriage of Technology
Laser Welding for Turbomachinery Rotor Restoration
Exploring Compression Applications
Enhancing Pump Performance
Redesigning the Industry
Turbomachinery Controls Go High Tech
Inlet Piping Length for Centrifugal Compressors
Keeping Your Options Open
Flexible Hydrogen Compression
Elliott's New 140TCH Pipeline Compressor
LNG Industry Pump Q&A
Moving Toward a Decarbonized World
Problem Avoidance in Impellers
Hydrocarbon Engineering Compressors Q&A
Expanding LNG Options with Cryogenic Liquid Expanders
Compression Options for the Hydrogen Economy
LNG Industry Compressors Q&A
Integrally Geared Barrel Compressors Address the Challenges of Hydrogen Compression
On-Purpose Propylene Production
Turbomachinery Design, Manufacturing Technologies Key to High-Efficiency Machinery
Coating Solutions for Centrifugal Compressor Fouling
Refocus the Energy
Hitting a Moving Target
Design of Very-High-Flow Coefficient Centrifugal Compressor Stages
Losing the Loss Coefficient
Enhanced Life, Reliability and Performance
Compressors in Refinery Service
At the Heart of the Process
A Revolution Propelled by Pumps
Cavitation Performance of Constant and Variable Pitch Helical Inducers for Centrifugal Pumps: Effect of Inducer Tip Clearance
Measuring Machinery Noise
Reality Check (NPSH Requirements on In-Tank Pumps in LNG)
Measure and Predict Torsional Vibration in Rotating Equipment
Balancing the Economies of Scale
Steam Turbine Water Washing
Improving Efficiency at Sea
Improving Hot Gas Expander Reliability
A History of Pumps in LNG
Impacts of Corrosion, Erosion, and Fouling on Rotating Equipment in Petrochemical Processes
Integrating Non-Cast Components into Castings
Rerating Rotating Equipment Optimizes Olefins Plant Performance
Antifouling Coatings for Rotating Equipment
Elliott Turbomachinery Processes Sakhalin LNG
A Mega Compressor in Houston
Expander Evolution
Experience & Expertise are Key to LNG Compression
Materials Science Advances in Turbomachinery Manufacturing
Changing the Way Turbine Trip Systems are Tested
Customization and Global Service the Key to Elliott Group Expansion
Responsiveness and Locality are the Keys to Service Success