Elliott Axial Compressors

Significant savings in energy and operating costs

Over the course of more than 40 years, Elliott has designed and built hundreds of axial compressors.  Elliott's axial compressors are often paired with Elliott power recovery expanders to supply combustion air to the fluid catalytic cracker process (FCC). These highly efficient and reliable machines are well suited for high flow, medium pressure applications beyond the flow capacity of centrifugal compressor designs such as FCC service, air separation, blast furnaces, wind tunnels and synthetic fuel processes.  


The efficiency and reliability of Elliott’s axial compressors is the result of rigorous, state-of-the-art engineering and testing.  Elliott designs the aerodynamic components to maintain high efficiency over broad operating ranges, resulting in significant energy savings. Elliott axials feature robust, high-efficiency blading for reduced plant emissions. To assure high reliabilty and ease of maintenance, Elliott axials have a dedicated adjustable guide stator vane cover for routine inspections, and individual bearing and seal covers for reduced service time.  Axial compressors also offer weight and size advantages that translate into savings on foundation and support structures and floor space requirements.