Elliott Compression Solutions for Boil Off Gas

Optimizing Efficiency in LNG Storage & Transportation

Natural gas has leaped into a prominent position as an abundant, low-cost, and low-carbon fuel. As natural gas becomes a bigger player in global energy production, better, more efficient methods are needed for storing and transporting liquefied natural gas (LNG). 

Maintaining LNG in its liquid form at low pressure requires extremely low temperatures. Handling boil off gas is inherent to the process. During LNG storage and transportation, as surrounding temperatures cause the LNG temperature to rise, the LNG begins to evaporate or "boil." The expanding vapor causes the pressure inside the tank to rise, and must be removed to maintain safe pressure levels. The boil off gas is routed through a boil off gas refrigeration compressor and repressurized for designated service to the storage tank, the boiler, or the pipeline. To ensure the efficiency of Elliott boil off gas compressors, our adjustable inlet guide vane (AIGV) system accurately and efficiently controls mass flow and pressure at extremely low temperatures. For more information on Elliott compression solutions for boil off gas, see our brochure