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Couplings for Turbines and Compressors

Flexible dry-type couplings are essential components in steam turbines and centrifugal compressors. The flexible, dry-type design has been Elliott’s standard for more than 35 years because of its reliability, safety, versatility, and adaptability to almost any application.

Although gear-type couplings are still being used to connect equipment around the world, this type of coupling requires oil, has more moving parts, and involves more maintenance than the flexible, dry-type.  

Elliott’s flexible, dry-type couplings eliminate the need for oil, flex under misalignment, and require minimal maintenance and inspection. The couplings are also designed to meet API 671 standards. 

Features and Benefits

  • Designed to flex under misalignment
  • Transmits torque through thin scalloped flexible disc pack
  • Disc or diaphragm material provides high strength and exceptional corrosion resistance
  • Improves rotor dynamics
  • Eliminates lockup and spool cracking associated with gear-type couplings
  • Reduces hub and shaft fretting
  • Eliminates oil leaks
  • Minimizes vibration by reducing overhung weight

Contact us today to learn how flexible, dry-type couplings can improve the reliability and safety of your turbomachinery.