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Cryogenic Pumps

Cryodynamics® Quality, Reliability & Performance

Elliott Cryodynamics® submersible electric cryogenic pumps incorporate the safest designs for rotating equipment in the industry. The motor is submerged in the oxygen-free cryogenic liquid, removing the potential for ignition, and minimizing the amount of electrical components that are installed within the hazardous area. Additionally, there is no need for rotating seals, eliminating a source for leaks. This allows the design to safely accommodate caustic chemicals such as ammonia or methane. Moreover, rotating components are contained within casings that are submerged within a secondary tank or vessel, further protecting personnel from potential hazards.

Cryodynamics equipment is designed to operate in liquefied gases with temperatures ranging from ambient (warm) to cryogenic. The submerged motor operates in a non-conductive liquefied gas.

Our cryogenic pumps are available in a number of configurations for a wide variety of marine, land-based, floating, and small-scale applications.