Power Recovery Expanders

Elliott power recovery expanders are the most dependable and durable designs in the industry. Elliott pioneered power recovery expander turbine technology in the 1950s and has been a leader in the field ever since. An Elliott TH power recovery expander turbine converts high temperature, low pressure flue gas energy into usable power.  The turbine often is used to drive compressors or generators in refinery fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) service. Recovery power for these applications can approach 50,000 hp (37,300 kW). 

Elliott design engineers continue to advance expander technology to meet the changing demands of the FCC process. By using computational fluid dynamics to verify flow path design and minimize blade erosion, we have significantly extended typical time between turnarounds far beyond the industry average, without sacrificing efficiency. To ensure reliability, we design all critical components using finite element analysis. We are continuously developing new coatings and materials to resist the erosive and corrosive environment of the FCC process.

Leadership in design and reliability

Power recovery expanders pose unique challenges. High temperatures, gas volume, and the continuous flow of very hard and potentially erosive catalyst particles entrained in the gas stream require special design considerations. Elliott has developed new alloys and metallurgical treatments for superior reliability and availability equivalent to other equipment in less arduous services. Elliott expanders routinely operate for nine years or more with a single rotor assembly. Elliott recently overhauled an FCC unit that had operated reliably and efficiently for ten years with the same blades.