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Meet Haijie Z.

Regional Field Service & Repair Manager

Number of Years with Elliott: 5
Location: Singapore
Education: Welding Engineer & Equipment, Wuhan University
Outside Interests: Soccer, Table Tennis, Travel

What is your background with Elliott Group? Prior to joining Elliott, I worked for several competitors in various engineering, sales and management roles. When I joined Elliott as the General Manager for Global Service in China, I brought a diverse background of engineering, petrochemical processes and P&L management to the company. At that time, Elliott was just establishing its China entity, so I worked diligently to learn the legal and local registration requirements for establishing a business in China. I've had the opportunity to intereact with collegagues in Jeannette, Pennsylvania, and Sodegaura, Japan, and to experience different cultures and processes. 

What have you enjoyed the most during your tenure at Elliott? I have almost 20 years of experience in China in oil and gas applications. When I joined Elliott, I was able to contribute from the very beginning, and there is a lot of potential for growth. I know, through past experience, about imports, exports, tax applications, repairs, etc., and I really enjoy supporting and helping the younger generation to grow and pursur their careers.

What advice would you give to potential employees? Elliott is a great place to work - the company cares about the employees. Elliott offers good insurance programs, and there is an HSE (safety) program to protect both employees and the company. There is a strong culture of interpersonal interaction. We are a global company, so if you join Elliott, you will be exposed to different cultures, people and languages.