Elliott in LNG

Pioneer in LNG Refrigeration Compression

From the beginning of the commercial market for liquefied natural gas (LNG) in 1964, Elliott has been a premier supplier of refrigeration compressors for baseload LNG plants. Our heritage in refrigeration compressor technology evolved from our association with Carrier Corporation beginning in the 1950s. Today, Elliott is a key partner for some of the largest LNG projects throughout the world. Our LNG compression solutions include boil off gas (BOG), mixed refrigerant, dual refrigerant, end flash gas, propane refrigeration, and booster.

Over the years, Elliott has contributed to many industry-leading innovations in LNG service:

  • The world's first base-load LNG plant refrigeration compressors.

  • The world's first gas turbine-driven compressors in an LNG plant.

  • The world's first mixed refrigerant process LNG plant.

  • The world's first use of a large frame, horizontally split centrifugal compressor in propane refrigeration service.

  • The world's first use of variable frequency synchronous motor starters for large frame gas turbines driving main refrigeration compressors.

  • The world's first dual mixed refrigerant compressor service.

  • A patented adjustable inlet guide vane (AIGV) system to efficiently control inlet flow and pressure in boil off gas applications.