Monitoring Instrumentation Upgrades

Elliott offers a variety of instrumentation options that are designed to monitor the health of your turbomachinery.


Bearing Temperature Monitoring

With bearing pads being prone to wear, it is important to monitor the bearing pad temperature during operation. Resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) or thermocouples (TCs) are imbedded in the bearing pad to aid in early problem detection, bearing life assessment, and maintenance planning.

Rotor Performance Monitoring

Position probes monitor rotor performance and aid in early problem detection. Radial vibration probes monitor rotor vibration. Axial vibration probes confirm proper thrust loading and rotor position. Keyphasor probes map the rotational position of the rotor by tracking a once-per-turn event on a rotating shaft. Upgrading to position probes aids in maintenance planning and facilitates rotor dynamics monitoring for improved safety.

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