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Meet Peter T.

Technical Service Engineer

Time with Elliott: 2.5 years
Current Location: Jeannette, PA
Education: B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Technology
Outside Interests: Street cars & motorcycles, Outdoor activities including running, road biking, mountain biking, snowboarding, skiing, and training for my first triathlon

Why did you decide to work for Elliott? I was initially attracted to Elliott for two reasons.  I had a close friend and college mate who was already working here, and he said the company demographics are geared toward younger engineers. I also researched the company to learn about its products and markets. During my interview, I was amazed at some of the advances Elliott has made in the last few years. Elliott is an awesome company that is hiring a lot of new engineers who can interface with and learn from the knowledgeable engineers who are soon to retire.  It is also  a lot of fun to work here, and there are multiple extracurricular activities such as Frisbee, basketball, and softball leagues. So I chose to work for Elliott because the professional environment appealed to me, and because it is a younger oriented company. 

What has been your experience so far? Rotational engineers are required to complete four six-month assignments in different areas of the company. My favorite assignment so far was Process Innovation. It's a group that lets you steer your own way. My manager described the available projects and what was needed. I was able to take those projects in whatever direction I chose. My manager checked in once a week and I made my own meetings, and met with the project managers and directors on a consistent basis. I even ran a few 5S activities on my own. The great thing about being a new engineer right out of college was the exposure to everything from the manufacturing floor to the office. This type of assignment pushes you out of your comfort zone - there isn't time to sit at your desk and answer emails and phone calls. Instead, you are interfacing with colleagues on the shop floor.

My second rotational assignment was Global Service in Houston, Texas. Here I was given two options - the commercial schedule planning side or the field side. I'm more of a hands on guy, out in the shop, etc. I learn better that way. My boss gave me full freedom.Two weeks into the rotation I had the opportunity to travel to Trinidad to witness a startup. If you  are motivated and have the engineering knowledge to back it up, Elliott gives you the ability to drive where you want to go in the company. My drive was to go out into the field to watch our compressors in operation, and within a two-week period, that realization came to life.    

What have you enjoyed the most about Elliott? The thing I like most about Elliott is that we have a lot of senior engineers who may retire in five to fifteen years. It is an excellent opportunity to come in and learn as much as I can while they are still here. When they retire, there will be excellent opportunities to move into  management or lead engineering roles.  Once I complete the rotational engineering program, I will have built a skill set and made connections throughout the company that will equip me for a positive career path with Elliott.  

Elliott is also extremely understanding about the rigors of continuing higher education. The company sees its employees as a crucial investment, and has a generous tuition reimbursement program. I plan to enroll in an MBA program and hope to put it to good use to obtain a management role in due time.