Elliott in Refining

Compression Solutions for Refinery Applications

Elliott has been a leading supplier of compressors and steam turbines for refinery applications since the early 1950s. Our proprietary EDGE technology and large installed base have earned Elliott a reputation as a leader in the industry. Elliott's experience in refinery applications includes hydrotreating and hydrocracking, fluid catalytic cracking (FCC), reforming, coking, and alkylation. 

Changing markets and stricter regulations demand increasingly cleaner fuels and lower plant emissions. As the refining industry has grown and evolved, Elliott has grown along with it, developing and advancing rotating equipment for refinery processes from distillation through production. Elliott equipment is used by refiners around the world to produce:

  • Transportation fuels

  • Commercial fuels

  • Lubricants

  • Chemical feed stocks

  • Specialty products such as coke and asphalt