Steam Turbine Rotor Assembly Modifications

At Elliott, our steam turbine rotor assembly modifications incorporate design innovation and modern manufacturing techniques to significantly improve equipment reliability and efficiency.  


We engineer each rotor assembly using a single forging for the turbine shaft and disks. This integral (solid) design is extremely effective in improving reliability for moderate to high-speed applications and is used in all new Elliott multi-stage steam turbines. The integral rotor replaces the vintage, built-up rotor design which is constructed from individual disk assemblies and a separate shaft.


The complexity of the rotor assembly upgrade is dictated by the new process parameters and/or plant operations. Elliott Engineered Solutions will assess the rotor type and the necessary process changes to determine if the existing rotor can be reworked or if a new one is required. 


Contact us today to learn how a rotor assembly upgrade can enhance the performance of your steam turbine.