Global Service Literature


Global Service:    
Cryodynamics® Pump and Expander Repairs Global Service for Turbomachinery Rotor and Diaphragm Storage Canisters
Cryodynamics® Pump and Expander Repairs in Asia Pacific
Laser Welding Rotor Inspection Services in Thailand
Diaphragm Storage Racks Online Parts Store Rotor Weld Restoration
Engineered Solutions Repair Capabilities in Asia Pacific Spare Parts Kits
Field Service   Turbomachinery Modifications & Rerates
Compressor Services:    
Axial Compressor Modifications Liquid Injection Systems Multi-Stage Centrifugal Compressor Modifications
Compressor Seal Replacement and Upgrades Liquid Injection Systems Data Sheet Single-Stage Centrifugal Compressor Modifications
Hydrogen Recycle Compressor Coating Online Compressor Performance Prediction Tool 140TCH Pipeline Compressor
Steam Turbine Services:    
Partial Stroke Pneumatic Trip System Steam Turbine Modifications YR Site Service Program
Remanufactured YR Steam Turbines Steam Turbine Generator Maintenance Programs YR Steam Turbine Modifications
  Turbine Hydraulic Trip System YR Turbine Wireless Sensor
Bearing Isolators Engineered Solutions Analytical Capabilities Parts Audits
Brush Ring Seals ISO-CARBON® Cartridge Seal Power Recovery Expander Modifications
Dry Gas Seals ISO-SLEEVE Cartridge Seal Rotor Dynamic Studies
Journal & Thrust Bearings Tilting Pad Journal Bearings
Service Centers:    
Bangalore Service Center Edmonton Service Center San Francisco Service Center
Baton Rouge Service Center Guatemala Service Center Saudi Arabia Service Center
Brazil Service Center - (PRB) Houston Service Center Silchester Service Center
Chicago Service Center Jacksonville Service Center Taiwan Service Center
Donora Service Center La Spezia Service Center Tianjin Service Center
  New Orleans Service Center Bearing Manufacturing Center