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Meet Terry R.

Director, Engineering & Project Execution - Engineered Products


When were you hired by Elliott Group? 1992
Location: Jeannette, PA
Education: B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, MBA
Outside Interests: Cars, travel, food, spending time with friends & family

What is your background with Elliott Group?  Both my father and my grandfather worked at Elliott so I knew about the company. I grew up only a few blocks away from the Jeannette plant. While in my senior year of college, I heard about an opening for an associate designer and I applied for the position. I was hired and was allowed to work the second shift until I graduated. I commuted three hours each day to college until I graduated four months later. Within a few years, I was given the opportunity to join a new group in Global Service, ATS,  that worked on non-Elliott equipment. I started traveling for Elliott – my first time on an airplane was to a refinery in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where I was tasked to help reverse engineer a non-Elliott turbine.

In 1995 I took advantage of the Elliott tuition reimbursement program and enrolled in an evening MBA program.  Once I completed my MBA, I accepted a marketing and applications role within ATS for about a year. My next move was to San Francisco on a temporary assignment as a customer service representative (CSR) in our California repair center.  Shortly after I completed my assignment in San Francisco, I was offered the job full time, and I viewed it as an opportunity to expand my knowledge and gain new experiences.

I stayed in San Francisco for two years before accepting a position as the shop operations manager in our Chicago repair center in 2001.  Later that year, I was promoted to Midwest Zone Manager, and after a few years, I also became the Western Zone Manger. I spent the next several years traveling between the West and Midwest.

In 2006 I returned to Pennsylvania after accepting an offer to start a new engineering department in Jeannette, Engineering Services and Modifications, now part of our Engineered Solutions business. In 2008, I was asked to head up R&D. Although this was outside my comfort zone, it gave me a lot of experience on the technical side of the business. In early 2013 I assumed my current role as Director of Engineering and Project Execution for our Engineered Products business.

What advice do you have for potential candidates?  Elliott is big enough to offer opportunities yet small enough to feel like a family business. The company is diverse and flexible – you won’t get pigeonholed. At Elliott, you can have a career path if you want, but you can also work hard and see what’s out there. I never said “I want to do this, or I want to be that,” but I took advantage of opportunities that seemed interesting or challenging to me. Show up, work hard, be nice to people, and try to do a good job.  Opportunities will present themselves.