Trip and Throttle Valve Modifications

Designed to control steam flow and prevent catastrophic failure, a trip and throttle (T&T) valve is a critical safety device on a steam turbine. The reliability of a T&T valve is essential to ensure the safe operation of the steam turbine and the safety of personnel working around the equipment.


Elliott offers modern API 612 T&T valve upgrades for steam turbines of any size to improve reliability, increase safety, and extend the life of your steam turbine. Hydraulic T&T valves protect equipment in the most challenging applications around the world. The T&T valve design is API 612 compliant and stops the flow of steam to the turbine in less than 0.3 second. The latest design is manufactured using durable materials for improved performance and reduced wear. It also has fewer wearing parts than old or outdated systems and eliminates spurious trips.


Elliott engineers will work with you to determine your process requirements as well as your oil system requirements to select the best upgrade option for your steam turbine. An upgrade should be considered if you are experiencing problems with your existing trip system, if you are rerating a unit, or if you need to meet current API standards.


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