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Meet Yukako F.

Contract Administrator

Number of years with Elliott: 3
Location: Jeannette
Bilingual: Japanese, English
Education: Keio University, Law; Toin Yokohama Law School, Law

What is your background with Elliott Group?  After I finished law school, I worked with a recruiting agency and one of the companies they recommended was Elliott Group in Sodegaura, Japan. When I interviewed, my future boss took me on a factory tour and showed me how Elliott impellers are manufactured from one piece of metal. He was proud of that technology and I was impressed that he not only explained the technology in great detail, but that he was very proud of the company and its products and capabilities. It gave me a very good understanding of Elliott's high-end, advanced technology, and I accepted a position in the legal department. 

How did you end up in the United States?  I was hired in Japan to work on legal matters, but they don't have a legal department in Sodegaura. When I joined Elliott, it was with the understanding that I would work as an expatriate in Elliott's legal department in Jeannette, Pennsylvania. Before I joined Elliott, legal matters in Sodegaura were sent to Jeannette or to our parent company's legal department (Ebara).  My role was new - I trained for five months in the contract administration group, and am now the contract administrator with responsibility for reviewing risks in Sodegaura's sales contracts. 

What would you tell a candidate about Sodegaura? The employees in Sodegaura are very hard working and friendly, always willing to give a hand if you need help. The factory is well organized according to 5S concepts, and safety is a priority. As a new employee, I felt safe and comfortable.

What makes Elliott stand out from other companies in Japan? There are many large companies, but globalization is still a little slow in Japan. Elliott is a global company with a sister manufacturing headquarters in the United States and repair shops all around the globe. Also, our Japanese parent company, Ebara Corporation, is very large in terms of profitability.  Both Elliott and Ebara deal with many international customers which also makes them stand out. In Sodegaura we speak Japanese with each other, but we speak English with our customers and colleagues from around the world. 

What would you tell a candidate relocating from abroad? It's natural to be anxious or a bit frightened because the United States is very different than Asia. But if you have a very firm goal that you want to accomplish, it's quite - I wouldn't say easy, but you will be able to accomplish your goal. You can challenge yourself with confidence. From a cultural standpoint, Japanese tend to not speak their own words or ideas. That is very different than western culture where people speak up and express themselves. Once you adjust, you will find yourself to be very comfortable. The experience of being an expatriate in the United States and working in western culture will make it easier to accomplish your future job goals.

What opportunities at Elliott would you highlight?  In the United States, lawyers are required to take continuing education credits in order to maintain their license to practice law. Elliott pays for and supports these classes because they are work related. That is different than Japan where outside classes would be at personal time and expense. Elliott provides great support for employees.