Elliott Network Issue
Customers and Suppliers: A network issue has impacted Elliott's communication systems, including email. We are working to resolve the issue. In the interim, you may reach your Elliott contact by phone or text. If you do not know your contact's phone number, please call +1 724-527-2811 for assistance. 

Pos-E-Coat® Specialty Coatings

Extend Equipment Life with Elliott Coating Systems

Pos-E-Coat®, Elliott's proprietary line of protective coatings, provides anti-fouling, corrosion, and erosion resistance for rotating equipment in refineries, chemical plants, steel mills, and other industrial settings. Pos-E-Coat's unique chemical properties create a non-stick, protective surface on stationary and rotating components to deliver superior protection and value.

  • Increased efficiency
  • Longer time between maintenance intervals
  • Significantly less downtime due to fouling and corrosion

Elliott's Materials Engineering laboratory reviews each machinery application to formulate a proper coating for the specific environment and service. This ensures maximum coating performance and prevents premature separation during operation and chemical wash.