Evaluate Alternative Compressor Operating Scenarios

Operators can use the OPPT software to explore alternative compressor  operating scenarios including:

  • Increased capacity
  • Process optimization
  • Gas composition or feedstock changes
  • Declining fields
  • Seasonal variations
  • Off-design production

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Online Performance Prediction Tool for Elliott Compressors

Calculate Performance to Predict Future Trends

Elliott compressors routinely deliver state-of-the-art performance in critical-duty applications. However, changes or variations in process parameters can affect performance. To help operators observe and collect compressor performance data, Elliott has developed an online performance prediction tool (OPPT) that equips operators to:

  • Monitor compressor performance over time
  • Evaluate, track, and compare performance parameters
  • Analyze compressor behavior for a new or changing gas stream
  • Pinpoint potential performance issues
  • Run different compressor operating scenarios

Generate Compressor-Specific Data

Elliott's OPPT is a factory-configured software tool that helps customers make important operating decisions. The tool is custom programmed with "as sold" aerodynamic performance specifications for a specific Elliott compressor or compressor train. When the operator enters a specific set of performance data, the OPPT calculates the compressor's output parameters including:

  • Power​
  • Head
  • Efficiency
  • Discharge pressure
  • Discharge temperature

Predict Trends and Assess Future Performance

Elliott's OPPT software enables operators to collect and analyze their compressor performance details to improve efficiency, make data-driven decisions, and assess future performance. The OPPT is available for both new and installed Elliott compressors by annual subscription. The subscription includes software configuration and custiomer support on execution and use of the software. Download the Elliott Compressor OPPT flyer to learn more. Complete our online form and an Elliott sales representative will be in touch soon.