Delivering state-of-the-art performance in a diverse range of industries.

Cutting Edge Compressor Technology

With thousands of compressors in service around the world, Ebara Elliott Energy is a leader in gas compression, delivering state-of-the-art performance in a diverse range of industries including petroleum refining, petrochemical processing, cryogenic refrigeration (LNG), oil and gas production, gas compression, and other industrial processes.

Our position on the cutting edge of compressor technology includes a number of engineering firsts. We pioneered refrigeration compression, high-pressure casing technology, the development of fabricated casings, and improved impeller welding techniques. We were among the first to use magnetic bearings in critical service centrifugal compressors.

Today, our compressors incorporate proprietary EDGE technology with advances in aerodynamics, rotor dynamics, computerized equipment selection, process simulation, and metallurgy. We understand that change is essential in achieving and maintaining a competitive edge, and together with our customers and suppliers, we continue to innovate, improve and expand our extensive portfolio of products and services.

Ebara Elliott Energy’s full line of centrifugal and axial compressors are available in a wide range of configurations to meet mechanical considerations and process demands.

Centrifugal Compressors

centrifugal compressor

Superior performance through advanced technology

Around the clock and around the globe, our centrifugal compressors are on the job, delivering efficient, reliable, and technically advanced compression solutions for the full range of oil & gas production and processing applications in some of the most challenging and inhospitable environments on earth. Our centrifugal compressor line includes three types of units with a wide selection of frame sizes and configurations to meet pressure, flow, and application demands.

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Designed for long life, low maintenance, and continuous service

single-stage compressorWe have manufactured single-stage compressors for over 90 years. They are designed for long life, low maintenance, and continuous service in dirty and corrosive applications such as petrochemical plants, refineries, natural gas processing, coal gasification, and power stations. Our single-stage compressors feature a sophisticated design that meets API specifications for handling demanding applications.

Features and Benefits
  • High-efficiency design reduces operating costs.
  •  Ease of maintenance minimizes down time.
  •  Smooth operation ensures reliable performance.
  •  Design simplicity streamlines gas flow.
  •  Standardization enables quick design response.
  •  Flexible design supports application-specific aerodynamics.
  •  Designed for high-temperature applications

Superior Performance through Advanced Technology

multi-stage compressor
We deliver state-of-the-art gas compression performance in a diverse range of hydrocarbon markets including oil and gas production and processing, petroleum refining, petrochemical processing, cryogenic refrigeration (LNG), and other industrial processes. We design, manufacture, and services a full line of horizontally split (M line) and barrel (MB line) multi-stage centrifugal compressors in a variety of configurations designed to meet process demands including: 
  • multi-stage compressorIn-line
  • In-line with side-streams
  • In-line with iso-cooling 
  • Double flow
  • Back-to-back iso-cooler optional

compressor installationWe also offer compression solutions specifically for hydrogen applications and natural gas pipelines.

Axial Compressors

axial compressorSignificant savings in energy and operating costs

Over the course of more than 40 years, we have designed and built hundreds of axial compressors. Our axial compressors are often paired with our power recovery expanders to supply combustion air to the fluid catalytic cracker process (FCC). These highly efficient and reliable machines are well suited for high flow, medium pressure applications beyond the flow capacity of centrifugal compressor designs such as FCC service, air separation, blast furnaces, wind tunnels and synthetic fuel processes.  

compressor flow and frame sizeThe efficiency and reliability of our axial compressors is the result of rigorous, state-of-the-art engineering and testing. We design the aerodynamic components to maintain high efficiency over broad operating ranges, resulting in significant energy savings. Our axials feature robust, high-efficiency blading for reduced plant emissions. To ensure high reliabilty and ease of maintenance, our axials have a dedicated adjustable guide stator vane cover for routine inspections, and individual bearing and seal covers for reduced service time.  Axial compressors also offer weight and size advantages that translate into savings on foundation and support structures and floor space requirements.