Compressor Seal Replacements & Upgrades

Compressor Seal Modifications

Centrifugal compressor seal upgrades can help companies realize significant energy savings and improve operating efficiency by reducing or eliminating gas leakage. 


Compressor seals are complex assemblies that require precise clearances to minimize leakage. Elliott offers a wide variety of seal options to meet your needs – from labyrinth seals and carbon rings to oil and dry gas seals.  We will work with you to determine the best seal upgrade for your equipment.


For decades, Elliott  has been a leading manufacturer of self-contained ISO-SLEEVE and ISO-CARBON® cartridge seals that simplify the installation and maintenance of complete seal assemblies for a wide-range of operating pressures.


We also offer dry gas seals – an integral part of modern centrifugal compressors. Our complete dry gas seal and auxiliary support systems provide you with the necessary sealing to improve safety and ensure peak performance.


Contact us today to learn how compressor seal upgrades can provide cost savings while improving overall equipment efficiency.


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