• Eliminates the need to store critical components in warehouses, lessening the risk from corrosion and damage from trucks, forklifts, and other hazards
  • Provides customers with rapid access to their components to help minimize downtime during outages
  • Provides storage solutions for all critical fixed and rotating equipment
  • Allows for storage of all of a customer's critical components in one facility

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Critical Component Storage – Gulf Coast Facilities

Elliott offers state-of-the-art critical component storage facilities to meet the needs of rotating equipment customers in the Gulf Coast region, and at its facilities around the world. Our service centers located in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana and Houston, Texas offer 38,500 combined square feet of climate-controlled vertical rotor storage, as well as storage solutions for all rotating equipment and fixed critical components such as large valves, actuators, and exchanger tubes. 

Preparation for Storage

We also offer full inspection services for components, both going into and coming out of storage. Preparation for storage includes:

  • Blast or steam cleaning
  • Checking and recording of critical dimensions and runout
  • Visual inspection and nondestructive testing
  • Dynamic balancing
  • A condition report and repair recommendations
  • Completion of repair work before storage 

The listed services ensure immediate availability of equipment, precluding the need for emergency repair charges when a customer needs fast retrieval and shipment.

Our basic rotor storage package includes a visual inspection, cleaning of the shaft end, and documenting the shaft condition. After inspecting the rotor to be stored, service center employees apply a moisture-resistant coating. The rotor is then stored vertically, which prevents it from bowing, using a custom-designed and manufactured fixture for that rotor.

While in storage, employees visually inspect the rotor periodically, and ensure a constant storage temperature and humidity are maintained. When a stored rotor is needed, it takes little time to remove the anticorrosion coating, check the balance of the rotor, and ship it to the customer.

The Baton Rouge Service Center is Elliott’s premier storage facility and has the following features:


  • Buildings designed from the ground up to provide rotor storage
  • Storage racks with the correct footings
  • Humiditrol® units to control humidity instead of using air conditioners
  • Hanger designs evaluated and stamped by an independent engineering firm
  • Super rack to vertically store rotors weighing up to 40,000 pounds and 23 feet in length
  • A drone to photograph stored rotors when customers want to confirm inventory in storage, or check a stored rotor feature or condition
  • Color-coded tags on each customer's inventory to easily locate items during an audit or equipment check

Elliott's other service centers in New Orleans and Houston, and around the world, offer a variety of storage facilities and services depending on location.