Elliott Ethylene Compression Solutions

Optimized Profits in Ethylene Production

The winning combination for profitable ethylene production is high-volume, low-cost operation and uninterrupted production runs. Compressor performance is critical for achieving these goals. For over 50 years, Elliott has been the world leader in centrifugal compressors for ethylene production. Elliott equipment is operating today in approximately half of the world's ethylene plants, including most of the largest facilities with capacity of one million tons per annum (MTPA) or greater.

Elliott's experience and achievements in ethylene compression include:

  • Installations in nearly 50% of the world's nameplate ethylene capacity

  • Installations in over 40% of the ethylene plants that produce greater than 500 kilo tons per annum (KTA)

Engineered for Mega Plants

Elliott stands apart in the design and manufacture of the large, reliable, efficient compressors and steam turbines required for the uninterrupted operation of today's mega ethylene plants. Refrigeration applications in ethylene production create extreme challenges in compressor design. As demand for production capacity grows, processing equipment and drivers must increase in size, throughput, and reliability. Elliott custom engineers cracked gas, propylene, and ethylene compressor trains to meet these high-volume, high-efficiency requirements, and Elliott's skills in designing compressors for these demanding conditions ensures an accurate fluid dynamic design with high-efficiency performance, a broad operating range, and conservative mechanical characteristics.