Flex-Op™ Compressor Arrangement

Operational flexibility in hydrogen applications.

Ebara Elliott Energy's Flex-Op™ compressor arrangement improves operational flexibility in hydrogen applications including increased head and flow capabilities. The design allows for improved reliability and accessibility to the rotating components. 

With this arrangement, individual compressors can be run in series, or parallel, or both. This is achieved with three to four centrifugal compressors arranged about a single multi-pinion gearbox. Each rotor is connected to its own pinion via a flexible shaft coupled to the central gear, which means the rotor speeds can be individually optimized for highest aerodynamic efficiency. The barrel casing configuration, coupled with the single multi-pinion gearbox, allows the entire assembly to be powered by a motor with a variable frequency drive (VFD) or a motor in conjunction with a variable speed drive (VSD) for speed control. 

The Flex-Op has many advantages over reciprocating or high-speed centrifugal compressors. It uses standard Ebara Elliott Energy designed compressors and impellers, and is compact and easy to maintain and repair. It can engage or disengage individual compressors, switch between series and parallel operation, and run each compressor at different speeds. Most importantly for pure hydrogen compression, the process gas is safe from risk of oil contamination. Additionally, the Flex-Op design is not limited to just hydrogen applications, but is suitable for energy storage, process, refining, and chemical compression. 

Flex-op compressor arrangement