Hydrogen Solutions

Our solution for a better tomorrow.

Renowned technologies & experience with hydrogen compression

Hydrogen compression has been implemented in existing industrial applications such as refineries. In refineries, centrifugal compressors are utilized for hydrotreating, hydrogen plants, and hydrocracker applications. Within these refinery applications, feed gas, recycle, net gas, and booster compressors are used to compress hydrogen-rich gas over a wide range of pressures and flows. Ebara Elliott Energy has over 300 delivery records of hydrogen-rich gas centrifugal compressors worldwide.

Technology development for new hydrogen applications

For new hydrogen applications like production, pipeline transportation, liquefaction, storage, and synthesis, we developed the Flex-Op™ compressor arrangement to improve operational flexibility, including increased head and flow capabilities. Since our proven in-line centrifugal compressor design is used, it secures high efficiency and reliability of the compressor train. For more information on this solution, read this.

As a next step, Ebara Elliott Energy has begun technology development to produce  extraordinarily high-speed centrifugal compressors that will optimize costs by utilizing less impeller stages and compressor bodies.

EBARA's hydrogen solution

The EBARA Group has technologies and initiatives that go hand in hand with a hydrogen-rich society. By generating synergy through collaboration between our businesses and external partners, we aim to create a hydrogen-rich business unique to EBARA in the fields of production, transport, and use.

  • Hydrogen Production: Chemical recycling, turquoise hydrogen production, and more
  • Hydrogen Transport: Ebara Elliott Energy compressors, cryogenic liquid hydrogen pumps, and more
  • Hydrogen Use: Liquid hydrogen pumps for refueling stations, hydrogen-fired absorption chillers, and more

For more information on EBARA’s vision and initiatives, click here.