Oil & Gas

Meeting the challenges.

Reliable Performance in Demanding Conditions
Reliable Performance in Demanding Conditions

The oil and gas industry poses demanding challenges for turbomachinery – from oil recovery and gas/oil separation in frigid arctic waters to gas treatment and processing in burning deserts.

Companies throughout the world turn to Ebara Elliott Energy for rugged, reliable, efficient performance in these harsh environments.

Our oil and gas solutions include:

Advanced Compression Technology

Expertise, performance, and flexibility

Ebara Elliott Energy offers precisely engineered compression solutions for all upstream and midstream applications: oil and gas recovery, gas/oil separation processes, gas gathering and boosting, gas transportation, gas treatment, and gas processing. Our machinery delivers outstanding performance and flexibility, and it can be cost-effectively rerated and upgraded to meet changing operational needs in the future.
Advanced Compression Technology
Global Service Network

Responsive, cost-effective, comprehensive

Our global network of service facilities provides expert, timely support for oil and gas equipment and operations, anywhere and anytime.

For over 100 years, Ebara Elliott Energy has supplied technically advanced centrifugal compressors and related turbomachinery.

In the 1960s

Ebara Elliott Energy pioneered refrigeration compression.

With hundreds of process refrigeration systems in service, we bring an unrivaled expertise in refrigeration compression commonly used in natural gas liquids recovery processes.

The 1st

centrifugal compressors in the North Sea for extreme high pressure were Ebara Elliott Energy compressors.

Our installed base of compressors includes the first centrifugal compressors put into operation in the North Sea in the 1970s for extreme high-pressure (9,200 psig, 634 barg) gas reinjection.


of Ebara Elliott Energy compressor systems have been supplied to oil and gas producers.

Our compressor systems provide the superior performance, flexibility, availability, and reliability that oil and gas producers demand.
Oil and Gas Processors

Oil and Gas Processors

Centrifugal compressors play a critical role in oil and gas processes but stress levels in compressor impellers often prevent operation at higher speeds, which would provide increased performance.

Ebara Elliott Energy demonstrates how finite element analysis during the initial compressor impeller design process can help to enhance compresssor life, reliability, and performance.

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Oil Refinery

Oil Refinery

A Louisiana oil refinery needed an emergency repair of a critical gas compressor but the original compressor manufacturer couldn't make the commitment.

Ebara Elliott Energy delivered the job in 63 hours – on Christmas Eve.

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