Liquid Injection Systems

Reduce or Eliminate Foulant before Problems Arise

Operating a centrifugal compressor in a fouled condition causes unbalance and high vibration, restricts flow, reduces efficiency, and can result in unplanned outages.


Elliott understands the risks associated with foulant buildup in a compressor. For more than a decade, we have been designing and manufacturing liquid injection systems that reduce or eliminate foulant before problems occur. When a liquid injection system is installed, it improves compressor reliability and efficiency. It also eliminates downtime for maintenance and unplanned outages resulting from foulant buildup.

We offer two types of systems – wash oil and water – that are custom engineered to meet each customer’s specific requirements. A wash oil system dissolves foulant and protects the internal compressor components from foulant buildup. A water wash system cools the temperature of the process gas to minimize the accumulation of foulant.


Elliott engineers, specializing in liquid injection systems and spray nozzle design, will work with you to determine the best cleaning methods for the equipment.


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