Elliott Group

U.S. Headquarters

901 N. Fourth Street
Jeannette, PA 15644
Tel: 724-527-2811

Japan Headquarters

20-1 Nakasode
Chiba-Ken, 2990296
Tel: 81-4-3860-6111

Baton Rouge Safety Record



August 12, 2015 - Jeannette, PA – Elliott Group’s repair shop in Baton Rouge, Louisiana set a new safety record in July – six years without a recordable incident. The 21 employees at the gulf coast facility worked more than 325,000 man hours to reach this milestone, a direct result of their safe work practices and team engagement.

“We are proud of our employees and their commitment to safety each and every day, and year over year,” said Michael Bruton, manager of the Baton Rouge shop. “Machining and welding large equipment is inherently dangerous. We daily focus on the risks around us, and act on them as quickly and effectively as possible. We hold everyone, including visitors and contractors, to the same safety standards as we do our employees.”

“This safety milestone measures how engaged our employees are at work,” said Tristano Halchak, Sr. Health, Safety & Environmental Manager for Elliott Service Center Operations in the Americas. “Setting new records year after year as we have in Baton Rouge means we are working safely as a team, which is the standard we strive to meet every day.”

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