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Elliott Group Announces Rollout of Gemini Compressor Performance Monitoring System


Jeannette, PA – Elliott Group, a leading manufacturer of process compressors for oil & gas, petrochemical, liquefied gases, and other industrial services, today announced the rollout of their Gemini Compressor Performance Monitoring System.

Developed jointly by Elliott Group and Tri-Sen Systems, Gemini is a focused software solution designed specifically for continuous monitoring, evaluation, and analysis of critical compressor performance and associated auxiliary support systems.

"This next generation compressor control, monitoring, and analysis system will lead to improved operational control, better machine diagnostics, more functional review capabilities and should result in optimized compressor operation with increased plant reliability and efficiency," says Klaus Brun, Ph.D., Director, Research & Development at Elliott.

While there are other vibration data packages and operating data packages available in the market, according to Jim Jacoby, Senior Vice President at Tri-Sen Systems, "The Elliott Gemini is a package that successfully integrates rotor dynamics analysis, process data, high fidelity compressor thermodynamic analysis, and nearly real-time visibility of key performance indicators into a single package that can be accessed from a smartphone, tablet, or computer."

The Gemini application includes:

  • Custom Elliott compressor model (a digital twin) for evaluating compressor performance and performance changes
  •  Advanced vibration analysis with best-in-class vibration evaluation tools
  •  Remote Controls Monitoring "HMI-twin" providing contextually relevant compressor and auxiliaries data through a responsive internet browser interface

For more information on the Gemini, visit elliott-turbo.com/Gemini.


Elliott Group Announces Rollout of Gemini Compressor Performance Monitoring System

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