Elliott Group to Sponsor Energy Storage Workshop

dateNov 18, 2019
Jeannette, PA – November 18, 2019 – Elliott Group will be the sponsor and host of the 2020 Thermal, Mechanical, and Chemical Energy Storage (TMCES) workshop which will be held on February 4, 2020, in Pittsburgh, PA. The “by invitation only” workshop, which will be chaired by Dr. Klaus Brun, Elliott’s Director of R&D, will bring together approximately 120 engineers and scientists from industry, academia, and government working in the field of TMCES technology and products.

Speakers and participants will include Physics Nobel Laureates Prof. Robert Laughlin from Stanford University and Prof. Eric Cornell from the University of Colorado, as well as many other internationally recognized experts. TMCES provides viable alternatives to batteries for a range of energy storage applications. Technologies such as compressed air, flywheel, pumped heat, pumped hydro, thermal hot/cold, hydrogen, and other storage methods, are advancing rapidly toward commercialization to compete with batteries to cover a broad range of electric grid needs.

The joint industry-government-academia TMCES workshop provides an open information and networking opportunity with the primary goal to advance non-battery storage technologies. Researchers, industry partners, and end-users will meet to discuss the state-of-the art of technology, identify technology gaps, research needs, and develop input for a roadmap to coordinate and direct future pre-competitive R&D activities related to TMCES technologies.
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