Petro Rabigh

dateMar 31, 2016

Elliott Group’s Global Service business has completed a major turnaround at Petro Rabigh’s refinery and petrochemical complex (Rabigh Refining & Petrochemical Company) in Makkah Province, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The planned maintenance shutdown encompassed the overhaul and/or rerate of 17 machines - eleven compressors and six steam turbines - to expand production capacity.  

Planning began well ahead of the shutdown, with the Elliott advance team on site for two months preceding the scheduled start date to coordinate tools, parts, and logistics. Elliott’s Service Parts organization in Sodegaura, Japan, and Jeannette, Pennsylvania, manufactured and shipped 5,638 parts for the mix of Elliott and non-Elliott units. Nearly 200 Elliott field service personnel from around the world were assigned to the turnaround, the largest project in Elliott Global Service history.   

Work included the overhaul of the recycle gas compressor; the wet gas compressor train including the steam turbine driver; a non-Elliott refrigeration compressor; the crack gas compressor train including the high-pressure, medium-pressure, and low-pressure compressors; the ethylene heat pump compressor; and a non-Elliott recycle compressor and steam turbine driver.

Elliott’s field service crew also overhauled and rerated the steam turbine driver for the cracked gas train; the steam turbine driver for the ethylene heat pump compressor; the high-pressure and low-pressure propylene refrigerant compressors and non-Elliott steam turbine driver; and the high-pressure ethylene refrigerant compressor and steam turbine driver. The Elliott team executed the mega-turnaround in a record 27 days with no safety incidents.

Following the turnaround, an Elliott installation crew remained on site to bring the equipment trains back on line.  Their work was successfully completed in late January.


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