Shipboard Installations

Cryodynamic Products offers complete package solutions for all of your marine pump requirements. With nearly 4,000 marine units installed throughout the world, Cryodynamics Products has earned a solid reputation for providing machines designed for dependability and endurance.

Similar in construction to the ECC type, Cryodynamics® machines are usually located within the refrigerated cargo tank of a marine gas carrier to transfer such fluids as LNG, LPG, and ethylene. These units are available for all applications of liquefied gas carriers and are used for main cargo unloading, stripping, spray, fuel, and emergency (retractable) service. Depending on your unique requirements, flow capacities range from 5 to 3000 m3/h, and with heads up to 200 meters.  Additionally, electric power feed cables and deck penetration assemblies which meet all requirements of major ship classification societies are available for your equipment. Special designs with built-in internal filtration are available to handle cargo that is likely to suffer particulate contamination such as LPG.  Whatever your situation, Cryodynamic Products can create a custom package to meet your specific needs.

Cargo Pumps

Each tank on a liquefied gas carrier typically has two main cargo pumps installed. With Cryodynamics pumps installed, an entire ship’s cargo can be unloaded in approximately 12 hours (usually less). A single-stage design is most often used although multi-stage pumps can also be supplied if required.





Spray (Stripping) Pumps

Using the extremely low net positive suction head requirements (NPSHR) of Cryodynamics spray pumps, cargo tanks can be offloaded to near zero liquid levels, increasing the amount of delivered cargo, and reducing the cost of transportation and the amount of heel product in the tanks during return voyages.

  • Cryodynamics spray pumps commonly achieve a NPSHR as low as 0.3 meters.

  • Spray pumps are often used for product recirculation.

    • Utilizing the heel product to keep the walls cool during the return voyage

    • Reducing boil-off gas during the next loading process


In the highly unlikely event that both cargo pumps were to fail on board, an emergency pump can be used to empty the cargo pump storage tank so that the main cargo pumps can be removed and serviced. To date, thousands of Cryodynamics cargo pumps have been delivered and we are not aware of any of our emergency pumps ever having to be used in service, a testament to the reliability of the design.


To meet the growing demand of LNG fueled vessels, Cryodynamic Products has developed low-flow, high-head LNG fuel pumps. These submerged pumps are designed to meet the rigorous conditions of marine fueling applications. The rugged construction of these pumps allows years of uninterrupted service, even while operating with fuels containing some amount of contamination.

Dual Duty

Cryodynamic Products also provides dual duty pumps. These machines offer two points of available operation, one being the spray duty and the second being the fuel duty, adding more versatility and scope to your cryogenic equipment.