Upgrades & Modifications

Cost-effective alternatives to new equipment

When process changes, environmental regulations, or increased capacity requirements demand enhanced performance from your critical turbomachinery, Elliott can help you maximize the value of your investment with cost-effective alternatives to new equipment.  Elliott is uniquely qualified to modify installed rotating equipment to improve efficiency, reliability, and safety; extend equipment life; lower operating costs; simplify maintenance; and reduce cycle time. 

As installed turbomachinery ages, efficiency and reliability can decline. Upgrades and modifications will keep equipment performance high and maintenance costs low. Typical modifications range from a simple bearing upgrade to a complete upgrade project, which may include abradable seals, ISO-CARBON® or ISO-SLEEVE cartridge seals, wash systems, couplings, material upgrades, advanced instrumentation, and more. Benefits include extended time between shutdowns, shorter turnarounds, and fewer unplanned outages.

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