Ebara Elliott Energy's YR Turbine Wireless Sensor

Collect and transmit vibration and temperature data.

Vibration issues or elevated turbomachinery bearing temperatures are early indicators of underlying equipment problems. Effective condition monitoring of vibration and bearing temperatures can mean the difference between long-term operation and equipment failure.

Ebara Elliott Energy’s YR Turbine Wireless Sensor collects and transmits vibration and temperature data that can be analyzed in real time from a designated PC in a control room or set location. If the data reveals abnormal activity or off-spec operation, equipment operators can determine the root cause and resolve the issue before it becomes more serious or leads to equipment failure.

The wireless sensor is easily installed on turbine bearing housings using our bearing housing adapters. A communications gateway is mounted on the factory floor near the equipment being monitored, and monitoring software is provided for PC installation. The sensor collects data on demand or in timed intervals, and transmits it securely from the gateway to the designated PC via Wi-Fi or a hardwired Ethernet cable.
  • Wireless functionality 
  • Accurately measures bearing housing acceleration and temperature 
  • Securely transmits vibration and temperature data in real time 
  • Highly configurable to meet your specific monitoring needs 
  • Designed for simple installation and easy configuration 
  • Installation on older Ebara Elliott Energy equipment is easily accomplished on-site or at our Service Centers

The sensor can be installed on new and existing Ebara Elliott Energy YRs, including in harsh environments. For other manufacturers' equipment, we can work with plant personnel to design the correct adapter.