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Nations at times impose economic sanctions or embargoes against other countries, industries, people, or companies controlled by a targeted nation or individual. These sanctions generally prohibit companies or citizens from dealing with the sanctioned party or embargoed country. Ebara Elliott Energy is committed to export compliance in the conduct of its global business.

Ebara Elliott Energy and its employees must abide by all economic sanctions, trade sanctions, embargoes, controls, and restrictions. Neither Ebara Elliott Energy nor its employees may conduct any business with a sanctioned country or its citizens, agents, or associated companies. Because the universe of export compliance is vast, complex, and fluid, Ebara Elliott Energy avails itself of multiple comprehensive lists/data and analyses/bodies of expertise concerning its adherence to and practice of export compliance. Simply because a country or region is listed on this page does not mean that Ebara Elliott Energy entities and/or its employees will transact business in the country or region -- all transactions are subject to export control.