Steam Turbine Generators

Intelligent alternative for power generation.

steam turbine generator (STG)Ebara Elliott Energy steam turbine generators (STGs) offer an intelligent alternative for reliable, efficient, and cost-effective on-site power generation. Our custom-designed STG sets support commercial energy requirements for continuous or standby power up to 50MW, including renewable energy applications and green energy initiatives.

Ebara Elliott Energy’s steam turbine designs incorporate industry standards such as API 611 and API 612, and National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) specifications SM-23 & SM-24 when required for all new units, aftermarket conversions, and rerates.

Configuring an STG for cost-effective power generation depends upon determining the right mix of elements, including:
  • A defined steam supply
  • A clear understanding of how the electricity will be used
  • Whether the steam is also needed for other processes
Ebara Elliott Energy offers the following STG configurations:

Ebara Elliott Energy STG configurations
Complete STG packages include: steam turbine, speed-reducing gear, generator, integrated control system, lubrication system, and baseplate. Directly connected induction generator packages are also available.

Success Stories

installed steam turbine generatorsEbara Elliott Energy can support a wide range of customers with our steam turbine generators (STGs). Our STGs operate in every imaginable application. Here are a few success stories:


A steam system requires two critical components – a boiler and an STG. Together, they produce power that can be used to offset utility costs or provide excess power to sell. Ebara Elliott Energy often receives inquiries from customers who don't know how to determine their steam conditions. The STG sizing tables below provide guidance for matching your steam conditions with STG requirements to help you determine how much power can be produced with your boiler.

STG Condensing Boiler Sizing Chart

STG condensing boiler sizing chart

STG Back-Pressure Boiler Sizing Chart

STG back-pressure boiler sizing chart

If you are considering purchasing an Ebara Elliott Energy STG for power generation, we can ensure that you get the most effective configuration for your application. Here's what we need to know:
  • Power desired (kWe) or steam flow                                          
  • Inlet/exhaust steam conditions
  • Induction or synchronous generator                                              
  • Location
  • Additional preferred information includes:Power factor (synchronous)
  • Generator voltage
  • Generator frequency
  • Generator cooling medium
  • Altitude if over 3,000 feet (914 meters)
  • Any special requirements 
Ebara Elliott Energy STG inquiry form

Reduce costs & increase energy independence

Many cities, campuses, and other industrial complexes produce steam at pressures higher than required for actual heating or process needs. Operators use pressure reducing valves (PRVs) to drop the steam pressure to a desired level. While PRVs effectively reduce steam pressure, they also waste valuable energy. Ebara Elliott Energy's low-cost, state-of-the-art STG sets enable operators to capture this waste energy by placing the STG in parallel with an existing PRV. This allows on-site generation of electricity and also reduces steam pressure to the required level, saving money and increasing overall system efficiency. 

This schematic illustrates how the steam turbine generator works in tandem with the pressure relief valve to capture waste energy and convert it to electricity.

STG and pressure relief valve schematic

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