Control Systems

Integrated, reliable control solutions for Ebara Elliott Energy rotating equipment.

Tri-Sen control systemTri-Sen Systems controls are the standard for Ebara Elliott Energy rotating equipment and integral to the scope of supply for our compressors, steam turbines, upgrades, and retrofits. The Tri-Sen turbomachinery controls line ranges from simple, self-powered configurable controls for small, non-critical utility turbines to the fully programmable TSx control system. The TSx control system features configurable redundancy, advanced diagnostic capabilities, a built-in human machine interface, and real-time and historical trending.

Joint engineering between Ebara Elliott Energy and Tri-Sen ensures a consistent controls interface for our equipment. Standard configurations and project implementation standards ensure design efficiency and timely execution.

Gemini Compressor Performance Monitoring System

Learn more about our Gemini Compressor Performance Monitoring System, which was developed in conjunction with Tri-Sen Systems. It is a focused software solution designed specifically for continuous monitoring, evaluation, and analysis of critical compressor performance and associated auxiliary support systems.