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1914 - Move to Jeannette

1923 - Turbines

1930s - Compressors

1940s - Turbochargers

1957 - Carrier Corp

1962 - Plant Air Package

1970s - International Markets

1980s - Service Expansion

1990s - LNG

2000s - Elliott & Ebara

Elliott Celebrates 100 Years in 2010

In 2010, Elliott Group celebrated 100 years of the Elliott brand. The words in our centennial logo – Past, Present, Future – frame a century of engineering excellence and innovation, and guide us forward as we continue to build on the legacy of the Elliott brand. Elliott rotating equipment operates today in critical applications at the heart of the global economy, including oil & gas production and processing, refining, chemical processing, power generation, and many others. Throughout the world, customers in these industries rely upon Elliott for precision engineering, extraordinary reliability, and unparalleled service. We are committed to continuing to earn their trust.


It is a significant accomplishment for a name to endure for 100 years in business. William Swan Elliott, the founder of the original Elliott Company, was an innovative engineer and a visionary businessman. He saw in new and developing technologies the opportunity to supply customers with the carefully engineered, highly reliable equipment they needed to grow their businesses. The same forward-looking spirit that was the genesis of Elliott Company a century ago lives on today in Elliott Group. As an important component of Ebara Corporation, Elliott Group today remains focused on providing our customers with the very best turbomachinery and service available anywhere in the world. 


Over the last 100 years, the Elliott name has been recognized for many firsts in power generation, power recovery, and compression technology. This legacy of achievement will continue to grow as we look back with pride and forward with enthusiastic anticipation. Change is essential for achieving and maintaining a competitive edge, and together with our customers and suppliers, Elliott Group will continue to improve and expand our portfolio of products and services.


As we address the challenges of a new century, Elliott’s core values of quality, reliability, and service will continue to guide us. Thank you to each and every Elliott employee around the world for your dedication and commitment to our continued success. Thank you, too, to our customers for your continued trust in Elliott.