Interstage & Balance Piston Seals


Elliott offers a variety of interstage and balance piston seal solutions to minimize gas leakage and improve overall centrifugal compressor efficiency.


As a leading manufacturer of abradable, rub-tolerant, and non-abradable interstage and balance piston seals, Elliott fabricates all seals using modern techniques and materials to ensure precise clearances for minimal leakage.   

  • Abradable seals have tighter clearances and have the least risk of damage if a rub occurs.
  • Rub-tolerant seals have moderate clearances and a moderate risk of damage in the event of a rub.

  • Non-abradable seals have larger clearances and will permanently deform if a rub occurs.

Elliott generally recommends upgrading to abradable seals to improve compressor performance, efficiency, and reliability. However, there are many other factors that should be considered when selecting the type of seal for your compressor. Elliott engineers will work with you to determine the best seal upgrade options to meet your specific process requirements.

Contact us today to learn how our  interstage and balance piston seals can improve the overall efficiency of your centrifugal compressors.