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Meet Dan H.

Director of Operations - Industrial Products


Number of years with Elliott: 9
Location: Jeannette, PA
Education: B.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Outside Interests: Golfing, Hiking, Biking

What is your background with Elliott Group? I went to college at Penn State Behrend for Mechanical Engineering. After college, I worked in my family's business and worked on cars while looking for a job. In 2005, I accepted a six-month contract position as a project engineer with Elliott,  working on YR Turbine projects. When the contract was up, I was hired directly by Elliott and I held that position for an additional two years. After two years, I was given the opportunity to manage the project engineering group, with anywhere from 6 to 11 project engineers working with me at any given time. In 2011, I was given an opportunity to manage a larger group that included project engineering, project management and drafting. I held that role until late 2013 when I was offered my current position as a Director. I now supervise project engineering, drafting, project management, production control, purchasing and all of manufacturing for industrial Products.  

What was the most surprising thing about your quick ascension within Elliott?  The timing. When I first became a manager, the transition from the peer group to manager was difficult. I was the youngest manager at Elliott at the time. There were some challenges, but it was a great honor and there were lots of opportunities because of that.

What type of management training or development have you been offered?  I was selected for the very first Elliott Leadership Development Program along with a group of other Elliott employees from around the globe who came from many disciplines.  We learned a variety of management tools and techniques and were able to foster relationships that will continue to grow throughout our careers. The Leadership Development Program is now offered annually  and participants are viewed as Elliott's future leaders.

What do you like about Elliott's culture? One thing I like about Elliott is that from the executive leadership on down, we care for individuals as well as the business. There are many opportunities to prove your worth and move up through the organization. We work at a global company and our business is on a global scale, but here in Jeannette, the executive leadership knows everyone's names. It's obvious that they take an interest in the individuals who work here. When you compare this environment to our competitors in the industry, it's not shocking that people stay with Elliott for 40+ years. It's definitely a good place to work and they treat  you fairly.

Another thing I like is the new Centennial Building, completed in 2012. In design and technology, it reflects the global nature of our business and makes collaboration across business units and locations much easier. 

What advice do you have for recent graduates?  Listen to what employees say about working at the company. The combination of hard work, effort, focus and trying to represent Elliott to the best of my ability with the customers, has heped me to succeed. Everyone has some type of natural skill set that can help them succeed.

What advice do you have for applicants? Elliott is growing and the number of opportunities within the company is growing too. In this dynamic environment, people are moving around and there are a lot of opportunities for advancement in your career that are not restricted to moving up within your own department. We expect the most out of our individuals and we need talented, results-driven people who are able to work hard and help this companpy succeed.