Digital Control System Upgrade

Modern digital control systems improve the reliability and safety of centrifugal compressors and steam turbines by giving operators centralized access to critical data that is needed to effectively manage equipment operation and activity.


Control systems manufactured through the late 1990s are now obsolete, potentially unreliable, or do not have replacement parts available. An upgrade to Elliott’s modern digital control system provides rotating equipment operators with advanced diagnostics for better decision making, improved communication capabilities, and tighter control of process variables (speed, flow, temperature, and pressure). Operators also are able to manage one or multiple equipment strings from a single control panel.


Elliott’s control hardware meets international Safety Integrity Level (SIL) standards, ensuring that each digital control system offers extremely reliable safety capabilities and is guaranteed to perform on demand. Dual, triple, and quad redundancy options are available to safeguard hardware failures that can cause a shutdown.


Contact us today to learn how an Elliott digital control system upgrade can help ensure that your equipment is meeting process requirements while maintaining safe operating conditions.