Electronic Overspeed Trip Device Upgrade

As technology evolves, electronic overspeed trip systems continue to advance, improving the reliability and safety of steam turbines. Mechanical overspeed trip devices and older electronic devices have quickly become outdated or obsolete. Mechanical systems have more moving parts and are susceptible to wear, resulting in frequent maintenance.


Upgrading to a modern electronic overspeed trip device safeguards the equipment and personnel working around the equipment from overspeed events. Elliott’s electronic overspeed trip device has fewer wearing parts than the mechanical systems, improves communication with plant operations, and allows turbine operators to accurately monitor speed with ease, in real time. It also is designed to eliminate spurious trips. 


Choose from single redundancy for non-critical service applications or triple redundancy critical service applications. Redundant controls enable turbine operators to react and remedy a situation before the unit shuts down.


Contact us today to learn how an upgrade to a modern electronic overspeed trip device can improve the reliability and safety of your steam turbine.