High-Speed Multi-Valve Steam Turbine

Outstanding Performance in a Range of Refinery Services

Elliott's high-speed, high-efficiency multi-valve steam turbine combines the reliability of an impulse style turbine with the efficiency of a reaction style turbine to provide outstanding performance in a range of refinery services. Designed to API 612 standards, the turbine has a small footprint but packs a powerful punch, offering a technical leap forward in speed and efficiency. At typical pressure and temperature operating conditions (typical operating conditions: 600 psig/750°F, high-pressure/high-temperature operating conditions: 1300 psig/ 905°F), the turbine's efficiency is greater than 80 percent.  

The 13-stage, multi-valve turbine serves as a direct drive for compressors in oil and gas-related services including hydrocracking, hydrotreating, catalytic reforming, alkylation, refrigeration, gas boosting, and coking. Its high-speed condensing design eliminates the need for a separate gear box, greatly reducing the amount of mineral oil, cooling water, and steam required for high-efficiency operation. The turbine's high-speed capabilities allow for smaller compressor frame sizes with fewer stages for a smaller overall footprint.  

Features & Benefits

  • Direct drive - eliminates the need for a separate gear box
  • High performance - greater than 80% efficiency
  • Operational efficiency - 12 to 14% steam savings
  • Speed matches the compressor, allowing for a smaller compressor frame size with reduced number of stages
  • Compact casing size - 20% in space savings
  • Lower operating cost - less mineral oil and cooling water required
  • Reduced maintenance - fewer spare parts required