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Journal Bearing Modifications

For more than 50 years, Elliott has been designing and manufacturing high-quality journal bearings that result in lower maintenance costs, extended operating life, and fewer unplanned outages.  

Elliott’s spherical seat journal bearings are developed based on years of experience, testing, and application in the field. Each bearing is skillfully designed to follow and absorb movement for increased reliability, improved wear resistance, and reduced mechanical losses. We also offer a copper-backed option for high-speed applications to reduce bearing pad temperatures. Our journal bearings also can be instrumented with resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) or thermocouples (TCs) to monitor bearing temperature and equipment health.  

Although Elliott recommends that older-style journal bearings be upgraded to spherical seat, Elliott also manufactures fixed profile (liner-type) and other styles of tilting pad journal bearings when the modern spherical seat design is not an option.

Spherical Seat Journal Bearing Benefits

  •      Improved rotor dynamics
  •      Streamlined maintenance
  •      Reduced maintenance costs
  •      Improved reliability
  •      Reduced bearing temperature and improved heat dissipation (copper-backed)

We also offer a full-range of bearing services, including:

  •       Fabrication of new journal bearings
  •       Bearing repair and babbit services
  •       Reverse engineering 
  •       On-demand emergency services
  •       24/7 support 

Contact us today to learn more about bearing modifications and other component upgrades that can improve the reliability of your turbomachinery.


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