COVID-19 Update

Elliott is working at full capacity with normal operations and no interruption of service to support our customers. While we are open, we are actively following health guidelines and policies concerning COVID-19. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Elliott Offshore Compression Packages

Elliott Group designs and packages gas turbine-driven compressor modules specifically for the demanding offshore production environment. Our large installed base of compressors in high-pressure service includes the first ground-breaking centrifugal compressors in operation in the North Sea for extreme high-pressure gas reinjection.

Elliott's advanced EDGE compressor technology and our expertise with diverse gas properties at high pressures ensure robust, reliable compression solutions for difficult services such as:

  • Enhanced oil recovery - gas lift and reinjection, CO2 injection & recycle

  • Gas/oil separation

  • Gas gathering, processing, and boosting

  • Export gas