Packing Case Seal Modifications

In demanding, industrial steam turbine environments, any steam that leaves the turbine can be a safety concern. Elliott’s packing seal upgrades provide improved leakage control and greater efficiency for steam turbines, regardless of the original equipment manufacturer.


Elliott offers modern labyrinth seal and brush seal upgrades to reduce steam leakage along the shaft from the turbine casing, minimize air entering the turbine exhaust casing, and limit contaminants entering the bearing housing and the oil system. Both labyrinth seals and brush seals are available in a segmented design (spring-backed) or fixed 180-degree arc design, and are easy to retrofit.


Whether you are experiencing excessive steam leakage, have high moisture content in your oil, or are interested in improving efficiency and simplifying maintenance, Elliott engineers will work with you to determine the best seal selection based on your specific application.


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