l   Certified as Safety Integrity Level (SIL 3) Capable

l Verifies trip valve functionality without tripping the turbine

l Operates independently of the overspeed trip system

l Features pneumatic cylinder with fail-safe spring closure and fast closing rate

l   1oo2 and 2oo2 configuration

l Improves reliability

l Eliminates spurious trips

l Withstands excessive vibration

l Provides cost-effective alternative to a trip & throttle valve

l Complies with environmental and regulatory requirements

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Exercise the trip valve without tripping the turbine

Exercising a trip valve regularly can mean the difference between a turbine tripping when necessary and catastrophic failure. Over time, steam impurities and contaminants can cause boiler scale or rust buildup that could result in the trip valve not working properly when necessary.

Elliott's pneumatic trip system with partial stroke actuation was awarded a U.S. Patent and is patent pending in several other countries. It is SIL 3 capable, providing a vital safety function for steam turbines. It also gives turbine operators a safe, efficient, and convenient way to exercise the trip valve without interfering with the turbine's operation or its ability to trip if an overspeed event occurs.

The partial stroke functionality can be initiated locally or remotely via a distributed control system (DCS). In a matter of seconds, the system completes a partial stroke of the trip valve, and the turbine operators can quickly determine if the trip valve is functioning properly or requires attention.

Elliott's partial stroke pneumatic trip system is available for new equipment or retrofit. For more information: