Test Stand

The Cryodynamic Products test facility includes several test vessels and heat exchangers that can be configured to test our full range of cryogenic equipment. With five pump test tanks and one dedicated liquid expander vessel, the “Test Stand” can evaluate up to six different pieces of equipment each day, greatly increasing throughput and decreasing the total time spent to complete a project. For example, a typical set of marine pumps for an LNG carrier can be fully tested in as little as three days. At the peak of LNG equipment production in 2007, Cryodynamic Products successfully tested over 500 different pumps and expanders, setting a record that has yet to be rivaled. In addition to the day-to-day requirements of factory acceptance test activities, Cryodynamic Products has also offered its cryogenic liquefied gas testing services to a wide range of companies and universities for research and product development.

The in-house engineering staff at Cryodynamic Products works closely with our customers to develop test configurations to meet the specific needs of the equipment being evaluated. Customizing flow arrangements, instrumentation, and even data acquisition software, gives customers the ability to fully evaluate their equipment in the actual field operating conditions, something they may never have been able to do in their own laboratories without substantial capital investment.